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Dustless Floor Sanding

It seems to good to be true, but YES, Denver Dustless CAN sand your hardwood floor without filling your house with dust!

Dustless Floor Sanding 

Most people who either want or need to have their hardwood floors refinished put it off because of the fear that they will come home to a house filled with toxic wood dust. Traditional floor sanding meant cleaning up dust particles for years out of your HVAC system, cabinets and every other nook and cranny of your home. But with today’s Dust Collection Systems (DCS) you can have your hardwood floors refinished without all the toxic dust and mess traditionally associated with wood floor sanding.

Can you really sand my floor without filling my home with dust?

            The answer to this question is simple, YES! Today’s technology allows most hardwood floor sanding companies to refinish your hardwood floors without all the dust. Denver Dustless has invested in some of the most state-of-the-art dustless sanding equipment available today. This means your home stays cleaner and safer throughout the entire sanding and finishing process .

But my hardwood floors are really scratched; will ‘Dustless Sanding’ fix those?

Here’s how dustless floor sanding works:

Dustless hardwood refinishing simply means that all of the equipment being used to sand and refinish your wood floors have been outfitted with special hoses which connect to a vacuum system specifically designed to work with these sanders . During a dustless sand and refinish all of the old finish and stain are being removed taking the hardwood all the way down to raw wood again. During this process most scratches and blemishes are also being removed. All of the dust that is being generated during the sanding process is being collected by the vacuums leaving behind a cleaner and safer home for you and your family!

Even some of the most scratched up hardwood floors can be refinished to look like new again with a dustless sand. And because all of the old finish and stain are being removed, you may even be able to change the color of your wood floor by having a high quality Bona wood floor stain applied truly giving your hardwood floors a new look!

So what makes Denver Dustless different from other Dustless Floor Sanding Companies?

Here’s why we are different:

Denver Dustless employs their own highly trained hardwood floor sanding technicians, and outfits each of their teams with the best wood floor sanding equipment available. This is a unique business model as most other dustless floor sanding companies use subcontractors because they do not want the costs and liability of hiring employees to do the work. When you contract with Denver Dustless to have your hardwood floors refinished, you and your family will have the peace of mind in knowing that the technicians who show up at your home will be able to help explain every step of the dustless sanding process as it pertains to your specific job and will be fully equipped and trained to handle your job from start to finish.

Wow, this all sounds great! What is my first step to getting my hardwood floors refinished?

Get a FREE in home estimate:

If you are considering having your hardwood floors refinished, we invite you to schedule a FREE in-home; no obligation estimate with one of our experienced estimators. During your estimate appointment, our estimator will explain the process of dustless refinishing, go over what hardwood floor stain and finish options you have and answer any questions you or your family may have about the process.

Does Denver Dustless only do hardwood floor sanding?

Denver Dustless is a full service hardwood floor company and can complete all phases of a hardwood floor project. Visit our ‘Hardwood Installation’ Page for more information on other services we offer.

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