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Dustless Refinishing Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

As one of Denver’s first truly dust contained hardwood floor refinishing companies, Denver Dustless is one of the largest and most recognized names when it comes to dustless hardwood floor refinishing. The professional staff at Denver Dustless are here to ensure that your hardwood floor refinishing project is done correctly without the mess and hassle traditionally associated with hardwood floor refinishing.

At Denver Dustless, we are offer complete floor refinishing. There are a multitude of ways to get that new floor look you are after. Even if you hardwoods have been covered by carpet for years, or damaged, our hardwood refinishing choices can have your floors looking new again.

  • Complete sanding of your existing hardwood floors. ◦
    • Hardwood floor dust containment sanding equipment has evolved over the years from the first truck mounted gas driven units to the super efficient portable units we use today. Our portable dust containment equipment not only contains more of the dust generated from the sanding process, they allow us to refinish hardwood floors in areas we never used to be able to reach with our older truck mounted systems.

Today Denver Dustless uses the most state of the art Dust Collection Systems (DCS) from Bona. These Dust Containment Systems collect over 95% of the dust that is generated during the sanding process leaving your home cleaner and safer!

Please see the video on our Hardwood Flooring home page to see our equipment in action and see for yourself just how dustless our sanding system really is!

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