living room with Brazilian hardwood

Hardwood Flooring Information

General information about hardwood flooring, types, hardness, and why you should choose hardwood.

Why choose a Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floors can add warmth, beauty, and value to any home. This beauty can be preserved and in some cases enhanced by having them refinished as they begin to wear. Because of this ability, hardwood flooring provides the most cost effective, long term flooring option. A quality hardwood floor, when properly maintained will literally last for decades.

There are many options when it comes to hardwood flooring materials, and choosing the right one is an elemental part of ensuring that your new floor meets both, the design style and the functionality of the space it is being installed in. One of the first steps is selecting the type or species of hardwood flooring. There are many different species of wood, and each one offers it’s own unique characteristics in term of natural color, texture and hardness.

Jenka Scale

What is the Janka Scale & why is it important?

The hardness of each wood species is measured using a universal test called the Janka Scale. Each type of wood is assigned a hardness rating based on the amount of force required to embed a .444 inch steel ball bearing to half it’s diameter. The higher the hardness rating the more dense the material is and the less prone it may be to denting and overall wear.

This may be a useful tool to use when determining which hardwood species is right for your lifestyle

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