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Wood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing a wood floor is not as easy as you might think. Read below for more info on the process

How do you refinish hardwood floors?

Refinishing a hardwood floor sounds simple enough:

  1. Rent sanding equipment
  2. Sand the floor
  3. Add some stain
  4. Apply a finish to the floor

BOOM! Your old hardwood floors will look like new again, right? WRONG!

Many times an ambitious homeowner believes they can save some money and make their old hardwood floors look like new by attempting a wood floor refinishing project themselves.  Unfortunately, this usually ends in a dusty disaster and ultimately costs more money than had they just called the experts at Denver Dustless to begin with.

Save yourself the headache and hire the best today!

More about wood floor refinishing

If your curious why you would pay a company like Denver Dustless to refinish your wood floors, here’s a little more info about the process of hardwood floor refinishing.

First:  You have to determine if your hardwood is even a candidate for refinishing. This is done by checking the overall condition of the wood floor along with determining how many times the floor has already been sanded.  You must also check how much of the “wear layer” is left. This can usually be done by looking at a cross section of the wood floor at a floor vent location.

Second:  After determining that your hardwood floor can be refinished the old finish and stain needs to be removed to expose the raw wood. Typically this is done by using specialized dustless floor sanding equipment and a series of varying grit sanding belts and discs. Once the old finish has been removed, along with any scratches or blemishes, the floor is generally filled using special wood floor filler. The floor is then sanded one last time and is now ready for stain or finish.

Choosing a hardwood finish for your floor

You now have one of the toughest decisions to make:  What type of finish to apply to your newly sanded hardwood floor.  This decision is very difficult because (with proper care and maintenance) you are going to have to live with this decision for years to come as that’s how long your great looking, newly sanded, wood floor is going to last you!

Your new floor will last you for years and years.  Re-sanding a wood floor is a great investment!

Types of floor finishes

There are two basic types of finishes used on hardwood floors; oil based wood finishes and water based wood finishes.

The type of finish you choose may be decided by several factors including lifestyle (do you have young children at home or animals), sensitivity to smells or chemicals, and how fast you need to be back on your wood floors.

As a general rule, water base finishes are harder and more durable when compared to oil base finishes. Water base hardwood floor finishes are also lower in VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) as compared to traditional oil based finishes.  Water based wood floor finishes may also pose less of a heath impact on people who are sensitive to smells or have underlying breathing issues. Water based finishes also dry very quickly and may allow you and your family to be back in your home faster than traditional oil base finishes. (source: This Old House – Refinishing School)

As you might have guessed, we favor a water based finish for your floor.  It is the quickest, most affordable way to take an old hardwood floor from looking dingy, beat up, and highly used, to looking like a brand new wood floor again.

If you are interested in learning more, you can use our convenient online wood floor refinishing request form and one of our NO PRESSURE consultants will be in touch with you at the time you specify.

We look forward to working with you through the process of refinishing your old hardwood floors!

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