COVID-19 and Your Hardwood Floors

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How to Protect Your Family and Your Floors

The world-wide outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has had an impact on every aspect of our lives. Following the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC)  guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing will help ensure we overcome this pandemic.

But how can you safely clean and protect your hardwood floors through this?

With your entire family at home more than ever, germs are being tracked into your home. It is important that you are cleaning and protecting your family from those germs, but it is also important that you are protecting your beautiful flooring at the same time.

Using the proper cleaning products and techniques will ensure that viruses, like the coronavirus, and other germs and bacteria stay at bay and your floors stay beautiful.

Real Hardwood Flooring

The worst enemy of solid hardwood flooring is water. With all of the added foot traffic your floors are experiencing, it is easy to want to break out that mop and clean them more often. But the reality is, this may be causing more harm than good.

Disinfectants such as bleach, ammonia, or aerosol cleaners can strip your wood floor of it’s protective finish. As this finish becomes thinner, it opens your wood floor up to bacteria and viruses that can settle into the open pours of the wood.

We recommend using a cleaner that is designed for wood flooring. Many of these contain isopropyl alcohol which is a disinfecting agent. The key is to use the proper amount and to follow the recommended cleaning intervals.

Keeping your wood floors clean and looking good is actually an easy task. Remember to sweep daily and vacuum (either on the wood floor setting or with the beater bar turned off) weekly. Keeping the gritty dirt and other particles off your floor will protect the finish from scratching.

Damp mop monthly using an approved hardwood floor cleaner. Over mopping can cause moisture to penetrate your floor and damage the wood. You can spot clean spills or tracked in grime if need be with a towel that has been slightly moistened with water. Immediately dry the area though.

For more information and tricks on maintaining your hardwood floor, click here or call us at 303-650-1987.

Stay safe!


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