Dark Wood or Light Wood

Modern loft living room interior with monochromatic white decor, a comfortable modular lounge suite and rug and accent bookcases with structural ceiling beams

Color of hardwood can dramatically change the feel and style of your home. Stain and finish are important when deciding to install hardwood. The stain and finish you choose should have more consideration than just the look, you need to think of your lifestyle, family, and pets. Here at Denver Dustless, we are one of Denver’s leading wood flooring companies, and we can help in your decision.

Light wood

One thing that light wood can handle is pets. Furry friends like dogs can be playful, excited and often shed, and light wood is great for this as it does not show wear and tear like dark wood can. Vacuuming or mopping is still recommended every 2 days. Decorating with light floors is often an easier, as light wood floors collaborate with a wider variety of paints, furniture, and decor. Light wood brightens the space not just by color but by better reflecting natural light, bringing a fresh and cheery tone to your home. The natural light on these floors often makes your space look larger in size, as well.

Dark Wood

There is a sense of warmth and comfort that dark wood offers in a home. It can show wood grain and wood complexion, bringing a high-end look that is so loveable. Although decorating with dark wood may take a little extra thought as you want to find furniture and decor that all mixes well together, dark hardwood can really accentuate beautiful pieces and make them pop. Depending on the color of your soil, dark wood often wins here versus a lighter wood. If you live near a sandy beach or your soil is more like clay, dark floors may require a bit more vacuuming and cleaning. Dark wood can also have a longer life span against natural sunlight by better absorption to avoid fading as fast as lighter woods.

Next Steps

If you are considering redoing your floors, we suggest grabbing wood samples in a variety of colors – dark and light – and placing them throughout your home to help visualize the opportunities. With these samples, it is a good idea to move furniture away and simply consider how the woods compliment your layout and natural light. Once you have it narrowed down, move your current furniture back and see how everything blends. If your furniture and decor don’t go with the samples you’re loving, it may be time to update. Sometimes this is as simple as a new rug or artwork, and doesn’t always mean you need to buy all new furniture and decor. It is surprising how one change can help blend your new floors and current decor. Here at Denver Dustless, we want to bring you the best service and quality on the market. Give us a call today for a quote.

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