Hardwood Care & Maintenance

You have a new hardwood floor – now it’s time to learn how to take care of it!

Congratulations on your new hardwood floor!

Congratulations on your new hardwood floor! Like everything else in your home, this beauty needs to be maintained and loved to keep it looking stellar for years and years to come.

A few questions may come to your mind, including: What kind of cleaners should I use? What cleaning processes should I avoid?  If so, check out the following wood floor care tips.

Wood Floor Care Tips:

  • Keep the abrasive dust, dirt, grit and crumbs off your wood floor by sweeping or vacuuming on a regular basis.
  • Never use oil soap, furniture polish, or window cleaner to clean your floors.
  • Excessive mopping with water can cause wood to expand, possibly bringing permanent damage to the floor in addition to dulling the finish.
  • Cleaners containing silicone, wax, or oil soaps can leave an unwanted residue on the finish, thus adversely affecting the adhesion of a new coat of finish, requiring a complete sanding and refinishing of your floors to resolve the problem.
  • Denver Dustless recommends not using any cleaners that leave behind harmful residue. This allows your hardwood floor finishing professional to periodically “pad and recoat” your floors, a process including a deep clean and abrasion of your floor, adding a new coat of finish. This dramatically conserves time and money, leaving your floors looking like new.

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