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When it comes to hardwood floor refinishing companies in the Denver Metro area, Denver Dustless stands alone as pioneers. Our Hardwood Refinishing Team is one of the first to offer truly dust contained hardwood floor refinishing in Denver. That is why Denver Dustless has earned its unmatched reputation as one of the biggest and most recognized names in dustless hardwood floor restoration.

Denver Dustless takes pride in approaching every last project with the diligence and attention to detail it deserves. Our professional wood floor refinishers are committed to making ensuring the project is not just done, but done right.  We put great effort into making the refinishing process as mess and hassle free as possible. Here at Denver Dustless, we are not satisfied with our work until the homeowner is.

Dustless Hardwood Floor Restoration

Denver Dustless is setting the standard sky-high for the Denver Metro flooring industry.

In most homeowners’ mind, the very idea of a hardwood floor refinishing project evokes nightmarish thoughts. They imagine the entire house being coated in a few inches of dust that seems to linger for months on end, which is not only unclean, but also unsafe. For this reason, homeowners tend to put off a floor refinishing project, even if it’s long past due.

Denver Dustless understands that absolutely nobody has time for the dirty mess that is typically associated with your ordinary hardwood floor refinishing project. That is why we have raised the bar for modern floor restoration by investing in state of the art Dust Collection Systems (DCS) from Bona. With this ‘best in the business’ technology on the job, Denver Dustless is able to contain over 95% of the dust generated during the sanding process of your floor’s restoration.

Clean and Safe Hardwood Floor Refinishing

The Green Home Guide recommends that in the interest of their family’s safety, homeowners should strive to select a hardwood floor restoration option that will “Minimize the dust particles that end up in your finished floor.” They also suggest that homeowners should “Consult the National Wood Flooring Association for guidance on what sanding equipment to use. Choose equipment that captures as much dust as possible during the sanding process ─ it will be worth any extra cost.”

Thankfully, Denver Dustless has already put the time and research into finding the safest and cleanest method for your family’s hardwood floor restoration project so you don’t have to. In fact, Denver Dustless is a proud member of the National Wood Flooring Association and we only use the sanding equipment they recommend.

Denver Dustless now utilizes super-efficient, portable dust containment equipment, which is a far cry from the archaic truck-mounted, gas driven units of the past. Denver Dustless can now refinish hardwood that would have previously been impossibly unreachable with older dust containment systems.


You now have one of the toughest decisions to make:  What type of finish to apply to your newly sanded hardwood floor. This decision is very difficult because (with proper care and maintenance) you are going to have to live with this decision for years to come as that’s how long your great looking, newly sanded, wood floor is going to last you!


There are two basic types of finishes used on hardwood floors; oil based wood finishes and water based wood finishes.

The type of finish you choose may be decided by several factors including lifestyle (do you have young children at home or animals), sensitivity to smells or chemicals, and how fast you need to be back on your wood floors.

As a general rule, water base finishes are harder and more durable when compared to oil base finishes. Water base hardwood floor finishes are also lower in VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) as compared to traditional oil based finishes.  Water based wood floor finishes may also pose less of a heath impact on people who are sensitive to smells or have underlying breathing issues.

An additional bonus to water based finishes i s that they typically dry very quickly and may allow you and your family to be back in your home and back to normal life faster than traditional oil base finishes. (source: This Old House – Refinishing School)

As you might have guessed, we favor a water based finish for your floor.  It is the quickest, most affordable way to take an old hardwood floor from looking dingy, beat up, and highly used, to looking like a brand new wood floor again.

If you are interested in learning more, you can use our convenient online wood floor refinishing request form and one of our NO PRESSURE consultants will be in touch with you at the time you specify.

We look forward to working with you through the process of refinishing your old hardwood floors!

Restore Your Worn Hardwood

Denver Dustless offers complete hardwood refinishing services with unmatched quality at reasonable prices. Whether you want to resurrect hardwood that has been buried under carpet for decades or your floor is simply worn down from years of foot traffic, Denver Dustless will restore your floors to their former glory. No need to put off having beautiful floors any longer!

Check out the video on our Hardwood Flooring home page to see just how dustless our sanding system really is! Learn more about the process on our Wood Floor Refinishing page.

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