Water Damaged Hardwoods

Denver Dustless can repair water damaged hardwood floors.


Unfortunately, urban Denver, CO is historically susceptible to flooding. The City & County of Denver website warns that “Several Denver neighborhoods experience flooding during rainstorms or after very wet winters when ground is saturated.” Because of these natural forces, many homeowners in the Denver metro area have experience water damage to their homes over the years.

Homeowners’ floors frequently suffer water damage from other unforeseen factors, such as faulty plumbing, broken freezers, leaky roofs, and any number of other causes.

No matter how the water damage comes about in a home, the fact is, it is a real disruption to daily life. It is not only unsightly, but also potentially unhealthy. Without doubt, any water damaged floor needs to be promptly repaired.

How to Fix Water Damage

Don’t panic! Denver Dustless will walk you through restoring your hardwood after water damage.

The most important first steps to take after a hardwood floor has sustained water damaged are to identify the source of the water, remove the cause of the damage, and get the floors dry. It is crucial to get the wood floors dried to a proper moisture level as soon as possible. This will prevent further water damage, which ultimately saves time and money.

Restoring Water Damaged Flooring

Thankfully, in many cases, Denver Dustless is able to save a water damaged floor through a thorough refinishing process. This is in the instance that the floors were dried properly before the water sat for too long on the hardwood. We may be able to bring your water damaged floor back to pre-damage condition with a bit of expertise and elbow grease.

Because Denver Dustless specializes in this nature of hardwood floor restoration, we may end up saving you thousands of dollars in replacement costs. Simply repairing instead of replacing is a wonderfully cost effective option for hardwood floors that are not too far gone.

Replacing Water Damaged Hardwood

Sadly, in some cases, stagnant water has sat for long periods of time on hardwood. This causes the hardwood to expand excessively, permanently warping and damaging the floor. In this case, the hardwood is beyond repair and will need to be replaced.

Denver Dustless is highly experienced in tearing out damaged areas of wood flooring and replacing it, once the sub-floor has been sufficiently dried. Once the necessary areas have been replaced, our team will sand and finish the entire floor. This will ensure a seamlessly beautiful finish, restoring the floor to (or even exceeding!) its former glory.


How do I tell if my hardwood floors have sustained water damage?

Wood that has been exposed to excessive moisture tends to ‘cup’. This can be seen in the edges of each plank or board rising up. If boards are still in this condition, it is generally a sign that the wood still has a high Moisture Content (MC) and needs to continue to dry. Once the hardwood has dried, it typically ‘crowns’, giving it a pillowed appearance.

Is the Denver Dustless water damage repair process dustless?

In the event that a section of hardwood floor needs to be cut out and replaced, we bring in help from our trusty trade partner, Clean Sweep Dust Masters. They hang physical dust barriers prior to the start of the job to block dust from finding its way into the rest of the home. While sanding, we utilize our own state of the art Dust Containment Systems to ensure minimal dust contamination. Once we’re all finished, Clean Sweep Dust Masters will come back in to remove any dust barriers as well as clean up after the tear-out and installation has been completed.

Who should I call if I have water damage in other parts of my home?

Denver Dustless happily partners with some of Colorado’s leading restoration companies. We can refer you to qualified professionals who can make other water damage related repairs to your home. Whether you are looking for a respected plumber, skilled painter, or any service in between, check out our comprehensive list of great Denver, Colorado Restoration Companies to find the professionals for you. 

Does Denver Dustless recommend ‘spot sand’ repair methods to damaged wood flooring?

Because most species of hardwood flooring as well as hardwood finishes are photosensitive. This means the hardwood reacts to exposure to UV light. It is very difficult to ‘spot sand’ in only the water damaged area because it becomes extremely difficult to blend it with the rest of the existing floor, leading to a patchy look. Denver Dustless recommends refinishing the entirety of the hardwood floor in order to maintain a consistent appearance.

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