Hickory Hardwood – High-Contrast Beauty Meets Durability

Natural hickory wood flooring with knots and grain.  Planks of the hardwood are horizontally oriented.

Hickory flooring is the perfect balance of bold aesthetics and nearly unbeatable strength. If you love stunning statements and quality that lasts a lifetime, read on to find out why hickory might be the floor covering you have been dreaming of.

You are renovating your current home or building your dream home, and you know that every decision counts. Of course, one of the big decisions is what floor covering you’ll install.

Perhaps you’ve narrowed it down to hardwood, but even at that, the options seem endless. It all comes down to what boxes you are hoping to tick with your new hardwood floor.

☑ Wear and tear resistance?

☑ 100% character?

☑ Worthy investment?

☑ Sustainably sourced?

Get ready to tick all your boxes, because we have the floor for you: hickory hardwood! We’re back, here at Denver Dustless, with a continuation of our Hardwood Varieties Blog Series. If you’re looking to make a statement with your wood floors that will last a lifetime while boosting resale value, hickory flooring may be your ticket.

Hickory Hardwood Floor Covering

Gorgeously dense grained hickory is a stunning addition to any home. Hickory can take on many shades, especially if stained, but in its natural, untreated state it is already a show-stopper. Hickory heartwood is deep and chocolaty in color, while sapwood is light and creamy in tone, which pair together to create an eye-catching, high-contrast combination.  

Home Reference goes into detail; “Hickory panels boast intricate wood grains, mineral streaks, knots, and color variations within single boards.” They add, “Hardwood floors are becoming a valuable asset, not only in the real estate market, but also in terms of personal enjoyment.”

Indeed, hardwood floors in general and hickory floors in particular are a smart home improvement option for investment-minded homeowners.

Rating an impressive 1820 on the Janka Scale, hickory is one of the hardest domestically sourced hardwood in the industry. Hickory is significantly harder than oak, and harder to dent or scratch than walnut and maple.

Advantages of Hickory Wood

Unique Flooring – The potential for having a different floor than your neighbors is high with hickory hardwood, since less than 1 out of 20 domestically sourced wood floors are hickory. When it comes to US hardwood, hickory is the most distinct in character making it perfect fit for homeowners going for a fresh approach.

Retains Stain – Hickory wood takes to stain rather well, when it is applied correctly. (Pro tip: Don’t try to stain hickory as a DIY project. The painstaking process of installing and staining hardwood is best left to a professional team with the proper experience and equipment.)

Highly Durable – Hickory wood is used for making tough tools and recreation equipment that take a lot of hard hits, like drumsticks, golf club shafts, axe and hammer handles, paddles, and more! Hardwood flooring made from hickory offers extreme durability, making it a premium choice for high-traffic households, since it will outlast most other hardwood floors.

Customizable Wood Floors – Because hickory takes so well to stain and naturally varies in tone to begin with, you can fine tune the look of your hickory flooring. Hickory floor planks come in a variety of widths, creating a range of styles. With any aesthetic, from rustic to chic, hickory can be made to match.

Bright & Warm – Many homeowners are interested in making their dwelling appear full of light and warmth. The brightness of hickory optimizes natural light and does not darken a room the way some hardwoods do, adding cheeriness to a space.

Disadvantages of Hickory Wood

Too Busy – Sometimes the grain patterns that characterize hickory can make a floor look a bit busy. This is especially the case when narrow planks are chosen. However, opting for a wide plank hickory floor is a great remedy if you would like a touch more uniformity in your floor.

Moisture Issues – Hickory is not particularly recommended for areas with high moisture levels or in below-grade areas of your home, such as the basement. Still, hickory has higher stability than some other woods such as red oak or maple, which can be more easily affected by environmental changes.  If not installed correctly, hickory is prone to warping, which is why it’s important to do homework on your hardwood installation company before committing.

Price Range of Hickory Flooring

While less expensive than some hardwoods, such as walnut, installing hickory floors is pricier than some other domestic woods. Due to availability, hickory can be a little more costly than its more abundant counterparts, such as oak.

Hickory flooring is definitely more budget-friendly than exotic and rare woods on the market.

The dense nature of hickory makes it tougher to fit and install, which could raise the cost. However, hickory remains a relatively affordable hardwood flooring option.

Purchasing cheaper, low-quality hickory to save a few bucks is not advisable, since it will be reflected in the floor’s poor longevity and durability. Opting for DIY installation in an effort cut cost is also not recommended, since hickory is particularly tricky to install. Paying the extra bit for top quality flooring and installation is worth it and may save you from some sketchy floors and fierce headaches.

Origins and Sustainability of Hickory Hardwood

At least 15 species of hickory trees are native to North America. Hickory trees are nut-bearing and grow to about 100 feet tall. As with most domestic hardwoods, hickory is a more eco-friendly option than its exotic, imported cousins.

With any hardwood project, it is important to select a wood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which ensures it has been sourced from sustainable timber. “FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits,” explains the FSC.

Hickory is an environmentally friendly, American hardwood that looks fabulous and does not cost a fortune.

The Hickory Flooring for You

Hickory is for the homeowner that knows what he wants; durable, top-notch, responsibly sourced floors jam packed with visual appeal and character. Here at Denver Dustless, our hickory hardwood flooring has been carefully selected from our suppliers to match that standard.

Make an appointment to come down to our Hardwood Flooring Showroom and see for yourself our impressive collection of hardwoods, including hickory. We look forward to meeting you, answering all of your questions, and providing an estimate. We are Denver, CO’s premier hardwood floor installation contractor. Contact us to learn more!

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