The Wood Flooring Under Your Carpet – Hidden Treasure

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It takes guts, but why not lift up a corner of your old carpet? There could be untold treasures for you to discover in the shape of beautiful hardwood flooring planks, just waiting to be beautifully refinished by Denver Dustless. Here’s how to find out if you have secret hardwood floors under your carpet and what it could mean for you and your home.

Most of us have never been storybook pirates trying to decipher a tattered map in pursuit of an ever-elusive treasure chest. Still, like pirates, many homeowners are walking on unknown hidden treasures, and Denver Dustless has the map for you.

Have you ever pulled up an inconspicuous corner of your tired, old carpet? For many homeowners, this brave, carpet-pulling quest has been a complete ‘x marks the spot’ moment.

Here at Denver Dustless, we’re here with tips to help you discover (and polish!) the hidden treasure of your home.

Hardwood Floor – Jewels Covered by Carpet

Many unsuspecting homeowners of 20th century built homes across the nation have removed their carpet (typically intending on replacing it with more carpet) only to discover something far more precious than any synthetic rug…gorgeous hardwood floors!

Some of these floors are over a century old, dating back to times before power tools and regulations. 

The floors are unique, sometimes made from old-growth trees with tighter grain patterns, which are a rare (not to mention expensive!) find on the market today. Many of the floors also have intricate decorative features, such as borders and designs that are simply not being done today.

Picture how stunning your home would be with a unique, vintage hardwood floor. What a shame for it to remain concealed under carpet!

Why Some Homeowners Think Old Hardwood is Worthless

(Think your hardwood floor is nothing short of kindling? Think again!)

Some homeowners are convinced that ripping up their current carpet or linoleum to refinish underlying hardwood would not be worth the hassle. They worry about the condition of the hardwood. What if the previous homeowners covered it up for a reason? Perhaps to cover a burn spot or other damage?

As with anything in life, we cannot account for all ‘what if’ scenarios. There will be a certain risk factor with any home improvement project. That being said, if you’re thinking of replacing your flooring anyway, why not consider restoring your hardwood as an option? There is nothing to lose!

Imagine the added value (not to mention, beauty) a refinished hardwood floor from the last century could add to your home. According to USA Today, a whopping 54% of home buyers are automatically willing to pay more for a home that has hardwood flooring versus a home with alternative flooring, such as carpet or linoleum.

A budget consideration:

The cost of refinishing a hardwood floor is typically less than installing new carpet! Refinishing your old hardwood flooring is one of the single most cost-effective ways of raising the value of your home.

In turn, hardwood flooring is easier to maintain. Its elegance and timelessness has made it a preferred aesthetic choice for countless homeowners over the decades (even centuries!).

Hardwood Floor Refinishing – Easier Than You Imagine

Worried about tackling a hardwood floor refinishing project? Seems daunting, we know. It can sound messy, grueling, and time consuming.

That’s where Denver Dustless comes in. We are offer complete floor refinishing backed by years of experience in turning homeowners’ ‘old’ floors into their ‘brand new’ floors. Even if your hardwoods have been covered by carpet for years or have sustained damaged, our masterful hardwood refinishing techniques can have your floors looking new again.

As one of Denver’s first truly dust contained hardwood floor refinishing companies, Denver Dustless is one of the largest and most recognized names in the industry when it comes to dustless hardwood floor refinishing. We use the most state of the art Dust Collection Systems (DCS) from Bona. They collect over 95% of the dust that is generated during the sanding process leaving your home cleaner and safer!

The professional staff at Denver Dustless are here to ensure that your hardwood floor refinishing project is done right the first time, and without the mess and hassle traditionally associated with hardwood floor refinishing.

Let Denver Dustless hand you the map to discovering the hidden gem that has been hiding under your current flooring. Get in touch and we’ll set up an appointment to discuss your hardwood floor refinishing project!

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