Trendy Wood Flooring Installation Patterns

Living Room With Wood Floors

Wood floors raise the value of a home tremendously, both in literal dollars and in personal enjoyment. There are several choices to make when it comes to laying a new wood floor:  wood type, finish, trim, etc. One factor that can greatly improve your satisfaction in a new wood floor is not what you lay, but how you lay it. Laying wood floors in patterns is a simple approach that can greatly improve a room’s personality. Not only do floor patterns catch the eye, but they bring a sense of customization to your home that sets it apart and adds value through uniqueness.

It is no secret that laying in patterns can cost more – both by quantity of wood and in installation – but the striking visual makes a house a home, and often improves re-sell value. Add that extra wow-factor to your home by considering these three installation patterns:

Chevron - Herringbone

Chevron and Herringbone are classic patterns that are tried and true, dating back all the way to the Roman Empire. They designed these patterns to create a much stronger and stable road system by angling the bricks with the flow of traffic. These styles were later used by the wealthy and royal in castles, palaces, and the immaculate homes. Join the ranks of the wealthy by choose Chevron for a classic, clean look and feel. If you’re looking for a warmer, handcrafted look, consider a Herringbone approach.


Parquet is a mid-century staple with elegance in simplicity. The design originates with English royalty, much after Herringbone and Chevron were created. England’s Queen desired something different; something no one had yet seen. And that is exactly what Parquet will bring you: uniqueness. It’s rare for guests to enter a home with beautiful Parquet wood flooring and not comment. Although simplistic in visual and design, this often overlooked pattern is one that is certain to wow.

Bring a new elegance and atmosphere to any room in your home with patterned wood floors. It is time to rip up your dirt-hungry, outdated carpets and invest in your home’s personality. Give your guests (and most importantly, yourself!) a style that is eye-catching and guides your rooms to a new feng shui. Here’s a pro tip! Take your custom floor pattern even further by choosing between wider or skinnier planks. A wider plank brings a modern and clean vibe, whereas skinnier planks add personality and an intricacy that will really pop.

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