Wood Walls and Ceilings

wooden walls and ceilings
Wood is common on floors, but we install to walls and ceilings as well. Wood walls or ceiling have many benefits: style, durability, comfort, and re-sell value. If you read our last blog “Trendy Wood Flooring Instalment Patterns” this is a great option for wood on your walls or ceilings. It brings a sense of warmth and beauty to your home that is not found in most homes.

Styling The Wood

There are so many options for customization. Solid or engineered. Oak or pine. Wide or thin panels. Short or long planks. Finish or stain. Elevation or texture. Straight or patterned. Your choices make a house a home.

Add a Special Atmosphere

It is surprising how much this can change the feel of a room. Add texture to a breakfast nook, warmth to an entry, personality to a bar, or elegance to a master bedroom.


Wood is strong and can withstand our hectic and messy lives. Preserve the raw look of any wall wood with a water based finish to seal the wood. Add depth and warmth to any room with a rich stain that will last a lifetime.

Increase Your Homes Value

Hardwood floors have proven to add 2.5% to a home’s resale value, and the addition of wood walls have the same value when executed correctly. The popularity of this approach continues to grow and is a simple way to update your home.

If you want to add a little something extra to your homes investment, or just make it a little extra cozy, wooden walls and ceilings can help you get the most our of your home. Contact Denver Dustless today and find out why we’re the #1 name in hardwood flooring. 

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